(I struggle with corded headphones)

(I struggle with corded headphones)

I am a freelance motion graphics designer, illustrator, and animator living in Brooklyn.

As a child growing up in East Tennessee, I was constantly reading pages or drawing on them. Fast forward several years and not much changed: I graduated from SCAD in 2013 with a BFA in Motion Media and a minor in Writing.

After college I moved to Nashville, where I worked for Fivestone Studios specializing in illustrated motion work for commercial, business and entertainment clients. In 2017 I made the freelancers’ pilgrimage to NYC, and have enjoyed a wide variety of design gigs, including a yearlong position at the news company Axios. I am especially interested in the use of motion graphics in documentaries and editorial video.

If you’d like to book me, collab with me, or just talk shop please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Some folks I’ve worked for:

The New Yorker
The Wall Street Journal
Dress Code
Slanted Studios

Full resumé